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Rocky Mountain Power Generation offers a variety of services to help you maintain the operation of your standby generator system. We offer regular scheduled maintenance programs designed to help customers that depend on reliable power to ensure their industrial, commercial, rental and home standby generator system functions properly. We maintain and service all generator manufacture brands and are an authorized warranty repair center for Generac Power Systems and Pramac. emergency (10K) Our service staff is continuously trained throughout the year to provide you unsurpassed technical service and support.

We can help design a scheduled maintenance program based on the environment and application of your generator system. For example, certain industries, such as healthcare require a more stringent maintenance program, but some general guidelines for every preventative program should incorporate the following:

Starting Batteries: Undercharged or week starting batteries are one of the most commonly causes of standby power system failures. Lead-acid starting batteries are durable when kept fully charged and maintained, but are subject to deterioration over time and must be periodically replaced. A regular scheduled inspection and testing program under load can prevent starting problems with the generator.

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Fuel system: When the generator set is operating, inspect the fuel lines, filters and fittings for cracks or abrasions. Verify lines are not rubbing and still meet factory specification. Repair any leaks or restore to factory specification to eliminate wear immediately.

DC electrical system: Check the terminals on the starting batteries for clean and tight connections. Loose or corroded connections create resistance which can hinder starting.

Exhaust system: When the generator set is operating, entire exhaust system should be inspect to including the exhaust manifold, muffler, turbo and exhaust pipe. Inspect for leaks at all connections, welds, gaskets and joints, and make sure that the exhaust pipes are not creating residual heating in the surrounding areas. Repair any leaks immediately to factory specifications.

Engine: Most engine problems give an early warning, so monitor fluid levels, oil pressure and coolant temperatures frequently. Document engine performance and look and listen for changes in engine characteristics, such as; sound, appearances, misfires, vibration, excessive exhaust smoke, loss of power or increases in oil or fuel consumption that will indicate that service or repair may be needed. Be alert!

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Load Bank Testing: We can also perform load bank testing, which is a practical method of testing the generator's output under realistic circumstances. Providing on-demand power is the essential directive for a generator. Inadequate scheduled maintenance, non-routine exercising and exercising at less than 100% full-rated load, particularly in diesel engines, can cause inferior or older systems to run less reliably. Load bank testing rids the exhaust ports and valves of carbon and cylinder-bore buildup, as well as reveals frail electrical components. This can be performed without disabling or interrupting the generator's capabilities. For those times when your generator is not operating properly, we have factory-trained technicians available 24/7 to perform a service call When you choose Rocky Mountain Power, you are receiving outstanding service, stability, experience, state of the art testing equipment, and reliability, at a very competitive rate. If you are interested in more information regarding our Scheduled Maintenance Program or repair services, please CONTACT US.



We also carry an extensive line of replacement parts for all types of Generac generators. We can promptly fulfill most requests within 24 hours. We can also special order parts that are not in our inventory, fulfilling these requests typically within 7 days. If you need a filter, spark plug, hose or any part listed in your owner's manual, please contact us at 1-800-337-8480.

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